Feel alone with your project?

Not all my projects take months or even years. In my experience there is a real need for a quick and speedy design consultancy service that facilitates a client's project already underway. A 'Design SOS' service that supports and reassures at a critical point in your project cycle. Often this is when you need to make those all important design decisions, where you feel most vulnerable and under pressure. Read on to find out more...

Picture the scenario. Your well underway with home improvements.
Your new extension or loft conversion is set to transform your home. It’s a hugely exciting time. 

Your builder is crashing the project out to meet the deadline so they can move onto the next project.
Works are advanced and have reached a point where your builder is asking numerous questions - where to locate partition walls, what choice of finishes and materials, electrics and plumbing points and specification etc etc etc

You feel overwhelmed, under pressure, perhaps something doesn’t look or ‘feel’ quite right and you fear making wrong decisions. Aside from your builder’s suggestions, you're not sure where to turn to for advice and help. 

Sound familiar? 

Well, this is where I can help. Over the years I've helped people exactly in this type of situation, providing impartial, independent professional design advice. To ensure your works and space are designed specifically for you and your needs. 

It's a role that is neither costly architect nor purely interior designer. It lies somewhere in between. 

How does it work?
It’s not a one size fits all process. Some people may just need advice about the plans they have drawn up. Other clients need on site advice, some need both but however much or little support you need I can help. 

We can talk through your project and concerns on the phone and then meet on site to view the space and take your brief. 

The process is holistic and we will discuss how your space is used now and how you think it might be used in the future. I can give you options which you may not have considered so you can feel confident you are making the best decisions for your space as you take the project forward. I may be able to resolve your problems in one visit and get your project back on track or, if needed, we can explore CAD sketch schemes exploring options for how you might best utilise the space.
With over 20 years working alongside contractors and designing complete schemes including plumbing, electrics, fixtures and fittings I can advise you on all aspects of you project. The final deliverable is a chosen scheme that can serve as a blueprint for you and your builder. Giving you peace of mind.

My aim is always to attend to your needs quickly to avoid delays for your builder and try and make myself 'on call' as need during the cycle of your works. 


We start with the initial consultation as a chat on the phone and then follow up with a 2 hour site visit fee £100 to be payable prior to the site visit. 

As a guide, typically clients tend to spend in the region of £500 a project but every client and every project is different, much depends on the design complexity, the client's confidence and competence of the builder. 

All my clients express how happy they are with the services I provide and I'm happy to arrange for you to speak directly with them if required. 

Here's what clients say about me...

'Everyone needs a Rachael on their project.' 
Kay, Finchley Central 

'Rachael gave me reassurance and helped see me through the project, beforehand I was waking up at 5am with butterflies' 
Margaret, Finchley Central 

'Over the years, I've continuously called upon Rachael's advice to help me with my project. She's been invaluable and very patient.' 
Maria, Ladbroke Grove 

'Rachael helped me articulate my ideas into a practical scheme that made my budget work harder across the different spaces in my home. She also advised on contractors and dropped by to ensure works were being completed properly. All in all a fabulous service.' 
Cecile, Crouch End 

If you need help with a project I'd love to hear from you. Call me on 07887 504 522.