Profile Overview:

I have been working as a designer in property refurbishment for over 20 years.

Originally trained in 3D design I drifted into architectural projects and found my niche. 

I work in a very holistic way assessing functional needs and space planning in parallel with the aesthetics of the building and the desires of a client. 

My greatest passion is for commercial refurbishment projects as they offer a unique opportunity to explore creative solutions to very specific challenges. My philosophy is to work ‘with’ a building, to try and use any natural features it may have within the overall design scheme. I love rationalising space, to create well-functioning buildings through excellent design. 

I am not happy as a desk based designer and take a hands-on approach to my projects, overseeing the contractors to ensure the exact detail of the design is followed. 

In summary, I am a practical designer but I have not lost my ability to dream which means I find potential and beauty in things you may not have noticed.