Other projects

Shown above are a selection of individual project pieces - a few of the highlights are detailed below:

A young successful business, Gecko wanted an exciting new environment for their offices. The open-plan area was re-designed to include a showroom, offices, warehouse, order processing area, kitchen and WC's. Linoleum was used for the main warehouse flooring, designed to suggest pathways around the main 'picking areas', bright and cheerful. Offices located off the 'picking area' were carpeted in muted colours. The showroom had Flotex flooring, bright fresh paint colours and exposed ceiling ventilation.

10 Greenland Street:
 A series of bespoke door designs - solid oak penthouse door, internal security gate, and external stainless steel security door. 

Beach Hut, Wrabness:
Proposed designs for a timber beach hut in Wrabness, Essex.